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Fine & Collectible Ceramic Art — Sculptures, Wall Art & Installations

Fields of hand-formed abstract porcelain flowers, ice and sea waves, glazed and unglazed, affixed to hand-stained birch wood wall art panels, from 12" to 48".

Free-standing, hand-formed ceramic tabletop sculptures in porcelain in nature-inspired themes. Glazed and unglazed. From 13" to 27".

Free-standing, hand-formed ceramic tabletop porcelain sculptures in nature-inspired themes. Glazed and unglazed. From  3" to 12".


About Anna Kasabian

Anna is an American ceramic artist best known for her highly-expressive, hand-formed wall and tabletop porcelain sculptures. Architectural Digest has described her work as the "epitome of nature-inspired elegance." Her ceramic creations have been installed in luxury public venues across the US, and collectors span the globe.

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