Shape Lab

Why Shape Lab exists

I have created Shape Lab to give curators and clients a snapshot of the sculptural shapes I create as well as some of the finishes and trims. This is not the limit to what I can do and I am happy to always try to execute a client's vision. What you see above is the surface of a 4 foot by four foot panel with nearly 600 unglazed Australian porcelain blossoms attached.

Realistic florals...

These are examples of a more realistic porcelain florals I have created. The roses are the most challenging as each petal must be created first and then each is attached to a tiny porcelain stem that holds the blossom.

Summer Tides Series

This opalescence glaze became the theme for a series of  sculptures interior designer Manuel De Santaren requested for a client. I created different shapes and sizes that were to become a unique pattern across a large dining room  table. Fresh flowers would eventually float in each.

Ruben's Gold

This is a limited series of high-gloss, reflective gold-edged, small sculptures I created for a Charleston gallery and a Boston-based interior designer. The shapes are organic and with the gold trim, a bit more formal in their presentation.

Sea Themes

Here are examples of porcelain sea waves, plants and barnacles. The gold-trimmed, matte finish barnacles  (left) became part of a very large, 70-plus piece wall sculpture for a Chicago hotel seafood restaurant. Top left is a sink that created and is meant to sit on a pedestal.

In the Round

This was created with Australian porcelain and I took it as think as it would go. I left it unglazed so it would be transparent and added a dusting of 23K gold to two edges. 

Each little porcelain sculpture here was created using a small filled balloon as my guide form. I decided to leave the one on the left unglazed so it would be a bit transparent but added a dusting of 23K gold to the edge. The one on the right is glazed for a different look and feel.

Abstract Florals

These abstract roses have been clustered on large and small wood panels. The curls of the petals moving every which way gives energy to the wall sculptures.

These wafer thin florals have been a visual theme for various public and private commissions. The largest is a 7-foot by 8-foot at Chicago's London House Hotel. Panel background stains and trims vary in color and trims are often seeded with solid gold or brass sculptures and edges of the same.

For this sculpture--two panels-- I created upright and collapsed blossoms in unglazed Australian porcelain. See my website for variations.

23k Gold Leafing

These small Australian porcelain sculptures are unglazed and transparent in the thinnest sections. I added the 23k gold leaf to the edges bringing two opposite textures together.

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