1. Saatchi Chooses Sculpture for Under the Sea Colleciton

    2023-05-23 16:40:01 UTC
    Wonderful news this week to have Saatchi Art choose this sculpture for this collection from 51 artists!

  2. Heading to Charleston SC Gallery This Week

    2023-05-23 16:36:34 UTC

  3. Saatchi Best of Sculpture Collection

    2023-05-19 19:19:53 UTC
    I am honored to have been chosen for the new Saatchi Art Curator Picks: “Best of Sculpture: Featuring artwork that showcases incredible technical skill and imagination, uncover kinetic metal sculptures and organic tabletop ceramics in this specially curated collection.”

  4. Heading to Holly Hunt Showrooms Across the US

    2023-05-01 19:25:51 UTC
    Five Sculptures will arrive this week of May 1 at Boston, Miami, Dallas, and LA Holly Hunt Showrooms.

  5. Collector Shares The Setting for 2 Sculptures

    2023-04-19 14:39:43 UTC
    Manhattan collector via Tinmouth & Chang shares a view of his new sculptures in a contemporary setting.

  6. Garden of the Moondance Roses on Exhibit in Boston

    2023-04-17 14:32:01 UTC
    #1586, Garden of the Moondance Roses has been juried into the Spring members show of The Copley Society, Boston through mid-May.

  7. Juried into From All Sides, National Sculpture Exhibit

    2023-02-17 17:44:21 UTC
    So pleased to have been juried into a second National Association of Women Artists online exhibit this month. A sculpture exhibit, this was open only to Signature Members. Cove Tide, above, was chosen and will be for sale through NAWA from today through March 17.

  8. NAWA Juried Show: Tides Off Crow Island

    2023-01-31 18:51:11 UTC
    I am thrilled to announce The National Association of Women Artists juried Winter Small Works exhibit has accepted Tides Off Crow Island. The online  exhibit with all works for sale runs the month of February.

  9. “On the Sandbar” Off to a Holly Hunt collector

    2022-12-09 15:54:22 UTC

  10. Off Today to a Saatchi Collector

    2022-12-05 13:46:26 UTC
    This has been sold to a private collector via Saatchi Art. 

  11. Saatchi’s Choice for “New This Week”

    2022-12-05 13:42:51 UTC
    I am so pleased to have this work chosen for “New This Week” by Saatchi’s chief curator Rebecca Wilson.

  12. Chosen As One of 13 Artisans New England Home Nov/Dec

    2022-12-01 00:54:42 UTC
    I am very honored to have been chosen as one of 13 New England artisans for this special winter issue of New England Home Magazine. 

  13. Accepted Into Sculptors Guild, Inc.

    2022-09-27 14:23:26 UTC
    I am thrilled to note that the President of the  Sculptors Guild, Inc., Simon Rigg, has notified me that I have been accepted as a member. I am honored to be a part of this organization–“For more than 80 years, some of our members have defined the leading edge of…

  14. “Take to the Sea” Now Installed at The Newly “Imagined” Boca Raton Hotel

    2022-09-12 18:46:18 UTC
    I am very happy to announce this sculpture has been installed in this magnificent, newly designed iconic hotel. I am thrilled than to have been chosen by the renowned  Rockwell Group of NYC for this special commission. Special thanks to Saatchi Art for bringing us together! The 10-panels now hang…

  15. Saatchi Curator Chooses Un Cadeau De Jardin for “New Works” Collection

    2022-09-12 18:41:15 UTC

  16. Calming Seas at Crow Island Chosen for ” New This Week” Saatchi Collection

    2022-07-06 13:44:16 UTC
    I am honored to have Calming Seas at Crow Island chosen by Saatchi Art chief curator Rebecca Wilson for inclusion in this Saatchi collection, “New This Week” .

  17. $200 Million Renovated Boca Hotel to Install “Take to the Sea”

    2022-06-27 14:36:59 UTC
    I am thrilled to announce the completion of this special commission for The Boca Raton Resort & Club. My 10-panel porcelain sculpture is part of the new and ongoing, $200-million renovation led by the celebrated architecture firm, The Rockwell Group of New York, Los Angeles and Madrid. Titled, “Take to…

  18. Sugar Moon goes to Saatchi Collector

    2022-06-09 13:47:37 UTC
    Sugar Moon is now with a collector in Taiwan thanks to Saatchi curators.

  19. Spring Tides Juried into The Copley Society Summer Show

    2022-06-02 13:11:07 UTC
    I am honored and very pleased to have been juried into this summer member’s show, titled “Horizons”. 

  20. “Rough Waters” Finalist in American Women Artists Spring Show

    2022-05-09 23:17:32 UTC
    I am honored to announce that “Rough Waters” was a finalist  in the Spring 2022 show. 

  21. Soon in Travels to Europe….

    2022-03-16 13:55:55 UTC
    #1595 JARDIN DE MARIE VAN HOUTTE ROSE has been sold to international consultancy, Peter Millard and Partners Ltd ., London, England.

  22. Madam Antoine Mari sold to Holly Hunt Collector

    2022-03-13 15:34:12 UTC
    …..heading to the Chicago area thanks to Holly Hunt curators.

  23. Jacques Cartier Sold by Saatchi curators

    2022-03-13 15:30:23 UTC
     Off to the home of a New York collector…

  24. Saatchi Curators Sell Madam Caroline Testout

    2022-03-06 14:03:16 UTC
    Many, many thanks to Saatchi curators for bringing this art together with a collector.

  25. New Massachusetts Winter Exhibit Opens 2/10/22

    2022-02-06 23:17:10 UTC
    I am thrilled to announce that a selection of my work will be in the Williams Fine Art Dealers Inaugural show 2022: “Winter Whites”. Located at 300 Main Street, Wenham. The attached work, Tides Off Crow Island will be among the works in the exhibit along with the works of…

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