1. February on Saatchi

    08 Mar 2017
    It was so nice to be among those chosen for the best of February.

  2. Elan Vital at Chicago’s London House Hotel

    25 Feb 2017
    Elan Vital Installation Completed.  Elan Vital, a seven foot by eight foot porcelain sculpture which I was commissioned to create for the London House Hotel, Chicago has been installed. The work is made up of more than 300 individual, hand-formed, porcelain floral sculptures, each between one and three inches in…

  3. Works Heading to Galerie du Soleil

    23 Nov 2016
    Two new wall sculptures, Summer Tide II and Lagoon Waters,were hung at Galerie du Soleil with other works of mine I am very happy to report that  two new wall sculptures, Summer Tide II and Lagoon Waters, will be heading to beautiful Naples Florida next week to be hung at…

  4. Copley Society of Art New Exhibit

    10 Nov 2016
    A selection of my sculptures will be on display at the Holiday Small Works Exhibit at The Copley Society of Art, Boston, from November 12 through December 24, 2016. The opening reception is November 12 from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m.

  5. Architectural Digest Feature

    06 Nov 2016
    It was just a week ago that I received the news that my Tea Rose Blossom sculpture was being featured in Architectural Digest’s  feature by Madeline O’ Malley–“23 Woodland-Inspired Works” in the November 2016 issue. I am very pleased to be among this group, and,  at her words: “Anna Kasabian’s…

  6. Indiewalls Turns Back the Pages on My Art

    29 Oct 2016
    After working together on various hotel commissions, from Chicago to San Juan, Indiewalls came to me to discuss my choice to work in porcelain. It was an enjoyable interview and a pleasure to share some of the details behind my sculptures.

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